Heirloom Inn Garden Wedding, Ione California

This wedding is one I will always remember for many reasons. Heirloom Inn is a hidden gem. This venue makes for the best garden wedding you can imagine. After a four year drought in California it was hard to find anything green in the middle of July. But this place is covered in vines! Vines are on the building, trees and even all over the ground. This was the first time I had photographed there and I hope to come back soon.

The decorations were so very lovely. I didn't want to stop photographing the tables :) And in the evening, when the lights came on, this place turned into a fairy tale.

But the main reason this wedding is so memorable is the chemistry between Marci and Andrew. They had been together for nine years and one might think that after such a long time there is not as much passion. These two prove otherwise. Their first look was so deeply emotional, I almost cried myself. Take a look. You won't regret. :)